Corporate Video and Media Production Specialists
April 25, 2013

FS700 gets its first use!

We always keep up with technology and constantly upgrade and improve our equipment to make sure our clients are getting the best results with their productions. First there was the DVCAM cameras we used…over 11 years ago now. And then we upgraded to the HDV range of cameras where widescreen and high definition were becoming common place. Our industry is now at another cross roads…the DSLR Video market. This is essentially filming video on a small stills camera…which due to SLR technology achieves a far higher quality and depth of field than traditional video cameras could ever hope! In all honesty we were seriously considering going down the same route…but I’ve never been comfortable shooting on a stills camera…plus it also has many limitations. After a good bit of research, Sony have released a range of very impressive NEX HD cameras…including the very tasty FS700. It uses the same technology as the SLR’s with interchangeable lens to suit, whilst also having the major benefits of being a dedicated video camera. The bottom line…astounding results. These units are far more expensive as a result of what they can do…but that does not affect costs to our clients. Astounding video production does not have to cost the earth!

mike fs700