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March 20, 2013

Eminem-tly Prepared

Contingency Plans at the ready?

The weather is playing havoc with the equanimity of organisers of the Loch L8Mond challenge this Sunday…it’s an exercise in patience and hope that the weather will allow the 8 mile swim to go ahead.

Swimmers are counting down the last days, kayakers and support teams are at the ready.  Updates zing into the Inbox on a regular basis and the excitement is building!

All eyes are on the Met Office.  All our thanks is with the people who have already donated to Cancer Research UK.  All our best wishes are with the swimmers!

If you want to come and support the guys, it’s byob barbeque; the swimmers will be starting off at 10 and crossing the finish line about 1pm – but the barbeque will be gearing up around midday, so come along and get involved – hopefully the only snags will be on the barbie!